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We design and develop biologics

Forbius (Formation Biologics) is a clinical stage company that designs and develops biotherapeutics for treatment of cancer and fibrotic diseases. Forbius was founded in 2011 as a management-led spin out from YM BioSciences, prior to YM's acquisition by Gilead.

Forbius’ medicines are designed to radically transform patients’ lives. Our strength is utilizing our knowledge of biology and diverse protein engineering technologies to design superior inhibitors of validated biological pathways.

We have particularly deep expertise in targeting Transforming Growth Factor-Beta (TGF-β) and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) pathways. For both of these pathways, there is a significant body of evidence validating their role as drivers of multiple life-threatening conditions. However, in the case of the EGF pathway, the majority of patients do not benefit from currently marketed EGFR inhibitors. In the case of the TGF-β pathway, not a single agent targeting this pathway has yet been approved. By using multiple complimentary platform technologies, Forbius’ team overcame barriers that prevented development of highly-active therapeutics targeting these pathways.


Our Toolbox

  • Traps
  • mAbs
  • ADCs
  • In Silico

Receptor ectodomain-based traps

Forbius uses receptor ectodomain-based trap technology to design selective and potent traps that neutralize ligands that are over-expressed in disease. We have a unique approach to designing traps that results in superior potency compared to traditional trap engineering approaches.

Monoclonal antibodies

Forbius uses novel immunization and screening approaches to enable identification of unique monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with desired activities.

Antibody-drug conjugates

Forbius utilizes antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology to enhance the activity of antibodies targeting internalizing cell surface proteins that are over-expressed in disease.

In Silico

Forbius utilizes cutting-edge in silico protein modelling platforms to accelerate and optimize design of its biotherapeutics.


Our Products

Indication Discovery Preclinical Phase Marketed
1 2 3
Combination with PD1/PDL1
AVID200 TGF-ß inhibitor Immune Oncology
Systemic Sclerosis
AVID300 TGF-ß inhibitor Fibrosis, subcutaneous formulation
AVID400 Undisclosed Undisclosed



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Business Development

For partnering and business development enquiries, please contact us at: bd@forbius.com

Research Collaborations

If you are a clinician or researcher interested in collaborating with us, please contact us at: info@forbius.com


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Working at Forbius

Forbius is a rapidly growing, science-driven company. We are pleased to hear from individuals with a track-record of achievement who are interested in joining our team. Click here to learn more about our corporate culture and open positions.

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